We love to see the change in how you run your business when you're empowered with knowledge.  Thank you to our clients for the opportunity to share our experiences and contribute to your success.

- Susan Sipe, Abacus Prime CEO

- Testimonials -

"We chose Abacus Prime to help us utilize QuickBooks more fully and provide us with a P&L and Job Costing that was accurate.

After making the suggested set-up changes and implementing new processes, we are now able to identify labor and product overages precisely and timely.  This has assisted us in catching changes and to make decisions on billing and estimating.

We recommend Abacus Prime because they understand the industry thoroughly.  Additionally, Susan's willingness to work with your situation to find the best processes while still keeping accurate accounting records has been outstanding."

Stacy Cook, Owner

Black Tiger

“Susan is incredible. Her ability to extract the pertinent information needed in order for her to help her clients is unbelievable. She is able to bridge the gap between teacher and professional in a way I thought was undoable and the results are amazing. I can attribute much of our success to Susan and she single-handedly setup our business systems allowing us to focus on other things. I cannot think of a more valuable tool for any business in the custom integration field than Susan Sipe and her company, Abacus Prime. I highly recommend her!”
Brian Hood, Co-owner
HoodBranco Innovations

"Integrated Systems Group has utilized Abacus Prime, LLC in connection with our systems integration business since 2007.  During which time they have provided our company with excellent training in the areas of business processes, project and sales management, job costing, administrative and accounting functions. Their work has been a major factor in our company’s success, helping us to continue to strive in becoming one of the leading integrators in the Las Vegas area. With extensive experience and knowledge, owners Mark and Susan Sipe provide informative and educational on-site training, as well as supportive remote follow-up.

I can confidently recommend Abacus Prime, LLC as trustworthy and reliable consultants, as well as experts in their field. "

Byron C. Worrell, President/ Owner

Integrated Systems Group

"I knew D-Tools was going to be a big nut to crack when I purchased it. My company wouldn’t have been able to utilize the full functionality of D-Tools without the consulting received from Mark & Susan Sipe of Abacus Prime.  The costs of the consulting compared to the hours we would have spent deciphering the program have more than justified itself as well as made the investment of the software payoff for my company.
Now, when a new customer says “Do you know you are the highest bidder?” My reply is “Yes I know, however from the design packaged I showed you at our last meeting demonstrates how the system will work, what each part is used for and why it is needed. Can the other bidders show you that?” There reply is “No, they did the proposal on a spread sheet.” My next question is “Do you want to use someone that guesses or someone like us that has a complete design? That short conversation closed over One Half Million Dollars in sales the first year using DTools.
This is from a company that has 1 owner (sales, designer and installer), 1 full time installer, plus the owner’s wife doing the books.  Thanks to D-Tools and Abacus Prime to get us there."

TC Cagle
Owner, Sales Engineer
ProDigital Audio Video